From trainees to top dogs

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Three young go-getters have celebrated their rise from apprenticeships to management with the delivery of their latest million pound project.

Adam Readhead, Matthew Jowsey and Allan Burgin all joined Gus Robinson Developments from leaving school and have risen through the company, becoming key members of the management team.

Their latest success has been the delivery of Crown Halls, a £2m project with the Thirteen Group providing student accommodation for the Cleveland College of Art and Design.

Adam Readhead, 27, Gus Robinson Development’s Operations Manager began working at the company when he was 17 training as an estimator.

He said: “It’s been communicated to me from the start of my employment at Gus Robinson’s that there is a clear path of progression through the company. As soon as I began as a trainee there was an emphasis on improvement and bettering myself, they don’t just offer people jobs they offer careers.

“When a tender opportunity comes in it’s my job to price up the work and give an accurate estimation of how much everything will cost. It’s challenging but so satisfying once a job goes live and I can hand the project over to the rest of the team to carry on with.”

Once Adam secures a project, it’s handed over to Matthew Jowsey, 29, Gus Robinson Developments’ Commercial Manager to manage costs and sub-contractors.

Matthew began working at the company when he was 16, as a trainee Quantity Surveyor; Gus Robinson Developments funded his studies further through Hartlepool College and a degree at Northumbria University.

He said: “My role at Gus Robinson Developments has changed dramatically over the years. From coming into the business as a youngster and ‘learning the ropes’, to overseeing and holding responsibility for many of the company’s larger projects.

“As much as it’s challenging there’s a good support team around me and I have learnt a lot from my mentors at the company.

“Our latest project on Crown Halls was a great achievement for all of us. Not only has it been a flagship project for the company, it’s really made a difference in Hartlepool and attracted students from outside the town to come study at CCAD.”

The Crown Hall project took around 10 months to complete and was overseen by Site Manager Allan Burgin.

Allan, 31, joined the company during the second year of his apprenticeship and has worked at the company throughout his entire career.

He said: “Gus Robinson Developments not only funded me through my education at New College Durham they have supported me throughout my career and encouraged me to take on difficult and challenging projects.

“As a Site Manager I can now be overseeing around 20 schemes at any one time. I’m really looking forward to developing more into my job role and progressing further.”

Gus Robinson Developments has always had a strong apprenticeship drive with approximately 90 per cent of apprentices staying with the firm and many rising to senior ranking positions.

Dan Robinson, Chairman of Gus Robinson Developments, said: “As a business we have a duty to give back and can do this through the opportunities we provide for young people.

“Over a quarter of our current employees started at the company as apprentices and it’s brilliant to see such achievement with the Crown Halls project.”


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