Gateone project calls on Teesside University expertise

Zulf Ali, Dean of Graduate Research School

Experts at Teesside University are part of a prestigious European project which will equip SMEs with smart technologies and bring a raft of new products to market.

The Gateone project brings together renowned research and technology organisations to offer a selection of new, innovative product concepts to SMEs across Europe.

The project is being led by Yole Développement in France and is being funded through the European Commission’s Horizon 2020 programme.

Professor Zulf Ali (pictured above), Dean of Teesside University’s Graduate Research School, is part of the team of experts in the Gateone project, which was officially launched at the end of January.

His research focuses on micro and nanofabrication approaches for creating high density functional devices that have a small footprint. Much of this work has been on microfluidics for point-of-care diagnostic devices and for complex chemical and biological processing on a chip.

The new innovations offered by Gateone address business opportunities in the areas of energy management, connected devices, smart cities, mobility, assisted living, security and safety. Demonstrators of the product concepts will be made available to SMEs for testing and validation, helping them to bring their product to market in an easier and faster way.

Pierre Damien Berger from CEA said: “We have built a comprehensive portfolio of technologies which can provide real differentiators for SMEs and stimulate their business.”

Professor Ali added: “We are very pleased to be part of the Gateone project with leading research partners across Europe to support SMEs to innovate through the use of smart technologies.”

Gateone gives easy access to recognised expertise in all aspects of innovation – technologies, business opportunity validation and innovation process.

Javier Bonal from the European Commission said: “Initiatives like Gateone are sponsored by the European Commission to provide relevant support to European SMEs. Gateone is considered as an attractive approach to meet with SMEs requirements for agile and reactive processes. We are strongly encouraging European SMEs to take advantage of the benefits of this new initiative that can make a big difference in Europe.”

Access to the portfolio of innovative product concepts and demonstrators is free of charge. Interested SMEs can contact, Scientific Coordinator of Gateone. For information about work at Teesside University please contact or telephone 01642 342532.

Gateone is an Innovation Action between: Yole Développement, CEA-LETI , CSEM, Tyndall National Institute, Teesside University, LAAS CNRS, Fraunhofer IPMS , IK4-Ikerlan and VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland Ltd.


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