Teesside company seeks help with crowdfunding campaign

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A talented craftsman from Teesside is seeking financial backing in the form of an online crowd-funding campaign.

Edward Walton, who runs Edward Walton Fine Furniture, is aiming to raise £23,000 through crowdfunding website Indiegogo to financially secure his Hartlepool-based business which uses original Japanese craftsmanship to create bespoke furniture.

After nearly a year in business, Edward’s primary financial backer pulled out due to unforeseen circumstances, leaving Edward to pay off the full amount of his original loan.

Edward said: “I have such big ambitions for my workshop and have come so far in the last 12 months, it would be awful to have to pack up on my dreams.

“With the help of crowdfunding I can pay off the debt that threatens to close my workshop and concentrate on creating a corner of craft across the North East of England and into Scotland.”

People who give over £10 can also select a perk to go alongside their donation. Items include a trinket box, a dovetailed box and a hand coffee grinder which are all built by hand.

Edward successfully completed a two-year course in furniture making at the Building Crafts College in Stratford, and then spent nine weeks studying in Japan working closely with respected craftsman Masaki Kondo.

He added: “Every piece has a story and I want to bring quality craftsmanship from the Far East to the North East.

“I’m not creating a piece of furniture that can be easily replaced in a few years, I’m creating heirlooms to be passed down through the generations.

“I’m excited for the future; of creating great woodcraft and collaborating with other local artists in other crafts. But to do this, I need help!”

Edward is running a 30-day campaign through Indiegogo which will end on March 25.

Click here to help Edward in his campaign and tweet your support at #SupportEW


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