Mark Page to bid for digital radio trial on Teesside

Mark Page

Teesside broadcaster and radio station owner Mark Page is seeking to put a local commercial radio station back on the airwaves in the area.

With the UK’s broadcast regulator Ofcom asking interested parties to apply for trials of small scale DAB, the digital radio frequency, Boro PA announcer Page is hoping his full service professional radio station for the area can win one of the limited number of licences.

With the area not served by locally-based commercial radio since 2013, Page proposes applying to Ofcom within the month to put his service on the air.

“Since TFM moved to Newcastle nearly two years ago, this is the largest area of the UK not served by a local commercial radio station,” he said.

“Although it is not the preferred choice of FM, the digital trial is more than feasible and would also be broadcast on the internet and as an app.

“So I am looking at this stage for investors and other broadcast stations who can afford to be on this local multiplex, as Ofcom are encouraging bids with multiple broadcasters.

“However they are offering just ten trials across the whole of the UK.”

Work is being done now on finding a suitable transmitter site, with the application closing date just one month away.

Interested parties should contact Mark Page by email at


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