Scientists down tools for the pub – and you’re all invited

Tim Thompson with skull & scanner/laser, R&E
Tim Thompson with skull & scanner/laser, R&E
Tim Thompson with skull & scanner/laser, R&E

Academics at Teesside University are set to swap lecture halls and seminars for the comfort of local pubs in a bid to make their research more accessible.

Teesside is the only North East University taking part in the Pint of Science festival, which will see scientists from 20 different institutions give presentations about their work in pubs across the country.

The international festival encourages academics to present cutting-edge science research in accessible down to earth settings and Pint of Science is taking place in 50 towns and cities, across eight countries, between May 18 and 20.

Professor Tim Thompson, from Teesside University’s School of Science & Engineering, is participating in the Pint of Science festival and was one of five academics invited to London to help launch the event.

He said: “As a researcher it is important that our work reaches as many people as possible. Sometimes we can become a little bit entrenched in our own academic worlds and that is why Pint of Science is such a fantastic event which Teesside University is proud to be a part of.

“The festival is a perfect way for us academics to get out of our natural work environments and engage with different people in a less formal setting.”

Pint of Science is a volunteer run event and a number of postgraduate students have been involved in the organisation and marketing.

As well as Professor Thompson, other Teesside University academics taking part in Pint of Science include Dr Cormac Ryan, Dr Carmine Ventre and Dr Michael Short.

They will give early evening talks themed around ‘Our Society, ‘Our Body’ and ‘Tech Me Out’ at three Middlesbrough pubs, TS One, O’Connells and The Dickens Inn, on May 18, 19 and 20.

Each session costs £3 and will feature a variety of exciting and thought provoking talks and presentations.

As well as Teesside, other Pint of Science locations include London, Manchester and Glasgow, as well as Australia, Germany and the USA.

Pint of Science was launched three years ago amid concern that the way the work of scientists was being presented in the media often lacked a personal touch.

The Pint of Science events hosted by Teesside University are available to all. For more information or to book a ticket visit the Pint of Science website:


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