Falck Safety Services wins IADC award

Falck Safety Services award

A leading offshore survival training firm has been presented with a prestigious accolade by a major industry body, in recognition of its safety achievements over the past year.

Falck Safety Services (Falck), which has 32 training centres across the world, including three UK centres, one in Teesside and two in Aberdeen, was presented with the accolade at this year’s IADC North Sea Chapter Safety Awards dinner, due to its long-term commitment in maintaining robust safety procedures within the organisation.

The IADC North Sea Chapter Annual Safety Award recognises an associate member’s new initiatives and achievements in safety over the past 12 months, including schemes to improve safety performance, environmental projects, safety management initiatives and technical and operational innovations that reduce risk.

Over the past year, Falck’s primary method of improving its safety performance has been through staff participation.

By incorporating safety practices into all UK staff’s personal development plans (PDP), Falck encourages all staff to take ownership of safety in the workplace. These practices included attending HSE inspections, emergency response drills and safety committee meetings, as well as encouraging staff to undertake IOSH Working Safely or Managing Safely courses.

The leading safety training provider has also invested heavily in energy savings initiatives, installing new boilers at its Teesside facility, as well as investigating methods to maintain its safety pool temperatures during inactivity and looking towards renewable energy solutions in house.

Falck managing director Colin Leyden said: “We have always been dedicated supporters of safety and environmental standards both within our company and in the industry as a whole, and it is a great achievement for Falck to be recognised as a leader in this field.”


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