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Alphatech IT solutions of Slippers lanes Industrial Estate celebrates it's 15th birthday. Pic by Doug Moody Photography 10/9/14
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Alphatech IT solutions of Slippers lanes Industrial Estate celebrates it's 15th birthday. Pic by Doug Moody Photography 10/9/14

A warning has been issued to Teesside businesses that they risk a data recovery disaster if they aren’t carrying out offsite data back-ups.

Thriving Middlesbrough IT firm alphatech are shocked by the number of leading local businesses that are leaving their critical data – and financial security – in the lap of the gods by failing to plan for a worst-case scenario.

Alphatech managing director Rob Rushby says his fellow business leaders could have peace of mind by switching to an offsite data back-up plan.

“We’ve had a customer suffer a flood that would have been truly disastrous had they not utilised an offsite back-up of their important data,” said Rob.

“While another only switched to Hosted Exchange when a late-night fire made them think how easily they could have lost information that’s absolutely critical to the success of their business.

“What’s of real concern is that far too many Teesside SME’s continue to rely on backing up their data themselves on-site. It’s only when disaster strikes that they realise they’ve left themselves wide open.

“They need to implement a strategy that would protect them in the case of a fire, flood or break-in by storing their data in an off-site data centre.”

Through alphatech’s Hosted Exchange, data backs up automatically at night to two secure offsite UK data centres, while emails are hosted in the Cloud – so, no matter what happens, businesses can still access key data via an active internet connection.

Rushby, whose business team are online back-up specialists, believes switching to offsite back-up could be one of the best decisions business owners could make.

“Hosted Exchange is a key part of your disaster recovery plan. As the saying goes, should the worst happen, we won’t make a drama out of a crisis. We’ll help you retrieve your data securely and quickly.

“It’s an automatic ‘set and forget’ system that means data is recoverable with just a few clicks of the mouse,” he explained.

Launched 15 years ago, alphatech provide IT support and solutions to clients ranging from sole traders to international businesses. Key customers include Shaw Lifting and Ecco Finishing Supplies, plus local window suppliers, steeplejacks, dental practices, locksmiths, manufacturers, engineering firms, fire surround suppliers and solicitors.

For information about offsite back-up or other business IT solutions, contact alphatech on 01642 309767 or visit


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