Midas touch takes cladding experts into a new era

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Midas Cladding annual general meeting and team Photo at the Riverside Stadium on Wednesday 5th AUGUST. 5/8/15 Pic Doug Moody Photography
Midas Cladding annual general meeting and team Photo at the Riverside Stadium on Wednesday 5th AUGUST. 5/8/15  Pic Doug Moody Photography
Midas Cladding annual general meeting and team Photo at the Riverside Stadium.

A fast-growing Teesside cladding business celebrated its links with Middlesbrough Football Club by unveiling 15 of its new ‘signings’ during a pre-season photo-call of its own.

Industrial sheeting and cladding experts Midas, who are rebranding to better reflect their glowing national reputation within the industry, have recruited 15 new staff over the past 12 months – and every one of them is from Teesside.

Official Corporate Supporters of Middlesbrough FC, Midas staff took to the Riverside Stadium pitch for a team photograph days before Boro’s opening game of the new season.

The photograph was taken as part of a Riverside Stadium launch day of the new Midas brand, attended by the firm’s 52 staff.

Formerly known as Midas Cladding Services, the 21-year-old business has transformed its image to reflect a long-established track record of delivering a first class service to an ever-increasing range of blue chip clients across the North-east and beyond.

The day was arranged by managing director Martin Gilbey, a lifelong Boro fan and season card holder, who said the new company slogan, “Built on tradition”, accurately reflects what Midas is all about, having spent the last two decades perfecting a safety-focused approach.

Gilbey said: “This isn’t just a rebrand. The brand is catching up with the business. We’ve perfected our recipe over 20 years, building a reputation for safety, quality and customer focus.

“It’s my vision to make this proud Teesside business the UK’s best cladding company. But, while we want to be the best, that doesn’t necessarily mean we want to be the biggest.

“Having recruited 15 people over the past 12 months – every one of them Teessiders – we’re not actively looking to add to the workforce right now, though we’re always interested in the right people so we’re constantly recruiting.”

But Midas have a novel policy towards tackling the skills gap suffered by many companies.

Rather than looking to recruit people with all of the required experience and skills, Midas believe in giving opportunities to good people.

As a result, the cladding company’s recruits include a geography student, personal trainer, law graduate, mechanics, factory workers, some who were previously unemployed and a senior member of staff who used to decommission nuclear power stations.

They now work in a variety of key roles, from architecture to health and safety, accounts to the shop floor operatives.

And the firm is increasingly recruiting ex-Forces staff, who Martin says “typically have a willingness to learn, a team ethos, believe in hard work and want to progress.”

Martin, himself a graduate in criminology and law, explained: “We often take staff on because they are good people, rather than because of their skills or experience.

“We can teach them the skills. It’s people with the right attitude and motivation that we look for – people who want to progress and be part of something.

“There is a skills gap so we do a huge amount of in-house training. 95% of our people have been trained here and are now utilising skills they didn’t have when they first joined Midas.

“Health and safety is integral to our culture – and getting the right people is absolutely key to that. Too many people from within the industry have picked up bad habits that are hard to eliminate, so it’s often easier teaching someone with the right attitude and motivation from scratch.”

Based on Middlesbrough’s Riverside Industrial Estate, the size of the Midas workforce has increased by 30 since the financial slump of 2009.

Now Martin is ready to take the Midas touch increasingly beyond its traditional Teesside customer base – but vows to ensure that local people remain central to the firm’s success.

Until four years ago, 95% of all Midas customers were based in and around Teesside but that has now transformed, with recent work taking them to Newcastle, Carlisle, Rotherham, Immingham, Liverpool, Glasgow, Felixstowe and Southampton.

“When we take on jobs across the country we still employ Teessiders,” continued Martin. “That’s what we believe in and that’s what we will continue to do.

“We’re a proud Teesside business. I love this place with an absolute passion. The people we bring through are our biggest motivation. We’re building a business that’s giving people careers and livelihoods.”


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