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Marketing via a short video is a great way to raise the profile of your business and to promote services or products.

But many businesses struggle to decide what type of video they need.

Here are three easy steps to ensure a video blows your customers away!

1. Lead the viewer
In order to best lead, you first need to know where you are going. Consider what the goals are for your content. Do you want to raise awareness of a project or brand? Educate people about new techniques? Show market-beating low costs?
Once you know what you’re trying to achieve, you can better prepare and plan the content. This will help the ideas flow and give you a measure of success upon completion.

2. Innovate around contributors
Consider the values and methods that separate your company and make it unique in the market place.
This can be included via contributors in the film, through short, snappy sound bites. Around this, you can tell the story of the company through visuals. This is where you can get really be creative and explore the work place.
Even the most mundane businesses have a particular rhythm and interesting work flow. If you can show this through visuals your viewer will understand so much more about your business and what it can offer.

3. Attention to detail
Throughout the entire process, from conception to release, the details of your video are essential.
This will streamline the planning phase and also ensure you have the highest quality product at the end. Anything that you put out there is a direct reflection on your business so there can be no short cuts!

Video killed the radio star – or so the song went – but it can give your business marketing a huge boost.

So take time to think what you want from it and consult a professional video maker.

Daniel Smith
90 Second Story


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