SABIC appoint new senior HR manager

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Anne Yare

Teesside giant SABIC has appointed Anne Yare as new senior HR manager for the UK.

Anne, who is originally from Teesside, has travelled both nationally and internationally with her career – previous roles have included HR director for DeepOcean and HR director and Group HR director for Hertel.

But her new position is based closer to home at SABIC’s UK Manufacturing HQ in the Wilton Centre, and Anne is happy to be working back in the area she was brought up in.

“It’s great to work where I was born,” she said.

“I love having a personal association with an area. Working internationally was a great experience, but being local makes me feel even more passionate about the great plans SABIC has for the future.”

And there’s a lot to look forward to on the Teesside site in 2016.

“It’s going to be a great year,” added Anne. “We’re recognising 10 years of SABIC on Teesside and the major investment in the Gas Cracker project – which demonstrates SABIC’s ongoing commitment to European manufacturing and to the Teesside site.

“We have the ability to become one of the most competitive plants in Europe, driven by the conversion and our continued journey to manufacturing excellence.”

In her role as a senior HR manager, she also plans to build on SABIC’s current success in employer awards.

“Last year, SABIC was awarded a Top Employer Award,” says Anne.

“We’ve been working this year on how our standards can be improved even further. I believe there’s always an opportunity to improve no matter how successful you are.”

Anne also believes SABIC’s people-focussed approach to business is what sets it apart, and explains how their commitment to community engagement is key.

She added: “We have a phenomenal graduate programme, which takes graduates from different disciplines, such as mechanical and chemical engineering, as well as business graduates.

“We work with schools and colleges in the Teesside area and we are STEM ambassadors, too.

“That badge is incredibly important to SABIC as it ensures Teesside sustains its excellent reputation in engineering through fostering the talent of tomorrow.

“We’re further achieving this through apprenticeships, which are offering young people invaluable skills, career opportunities and training with a company that is achieving job security through significant investment.

“I am very excited to be working for a company that globally employs over 40,000 people, and operates in over 40 countries.

“SABIC is also a leading employer in the Teesside area, with a world class reputation for innovation and industrial excellence. Being a part of SABIC’s future on Teesside makes me feel very proud.”


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