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There are so-called experts who work in media and marketing who would have you believe the print industry is on borrowed time.

You can’t deny it has suffered considerably and that we all must embrace the modern world of digital media, while the newspaper industry’s steady 20-year decline has probably gained even more momentum in recent years.

But we passionately believe there is still very much a market, and a need, for the printed publication – and the proof of the pudding, as they say, is in the eating (or the reading, in this case).

Tees Business is living proof of this. Launched only this year – this is our fourth edition – it’s quite clear that, certainly in terms of B2B marketing, there is still a place for print.

We have more than embraced digital media at the same time. Our website is updated with news almost every day and we’re active on both Facebook and Twitter. We send out a weekly e-news – rounding up all the latest business news from around Teesside, the only of its kind on Teesside – and all our magazines can be read in full online.

We also produce video content, some of which can be seen in the Tees Business magazine (yes, in a printed magazine!) by using the highly-sophisticated and very clever App, Aurasma.

Clearly, digital media is the future, but there are people – young, old and in between – who still love nothing more than sitting down to a good book or magazine with a cup of tea or coffee.

We also think there is a market for quality publishing – nice features with good pictures and professional designs complemented by prestigious print – and there are still some publications which are proving the case in the North-East.

We’ve been delighted to see so many people and businesses who share our enthusiasm respond to Tees Business so positively, and we thank all our supporters – whether that’s those who advertise with us, or those who rave about us on social media (we can’t thank them all, unfortunately).

Feel free to drop me an email or give me a call if you want to get involved in future issues of Tees Business.

Martin Walker
Editor, Tees Business
Email: info@tesbusiness.co.uk
Mob: 07824 344877


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