Top 5 Social Media Tips

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joanna wake

Joanna Wake from Raw Digital Training brings some useful social media advice…

1. Identify your audience.
It’s not necessary to join every social media platform. You need to find who and where your audience is first. So many people think that being on every social media channel will be the most beneficial but in actual fact you will end up wasting time, money and effort, as your audience isn’t going to be active on every social media platform.

2. Analyse previous posts.
Look at what types of content interests your audience, what posts achieve the most engagement? By doing this you will straight away reduce ‘wasted’ content and time!

3. Track & measure your social media leads!
If you are spending a lot of time, money and effort marketing your business through social media you need to know whether your efforts are actually worthwhile. Are they generating leads? If not, are you using the right platforms or portraying the correct message?

4. Learn how to schedule your content.
You will not only save huge amounts of time but it allows you to structure and plot your content to make sure you don’t forget or miss a thing!

5. The most important tip, don’t give up!
Businesses expect results straight away. You need to nurture your platforms and allow plenty of time, and foremost you must change your methods if you aren’t seeing results!

Joanna Wake
Director, Raw Digital Training, Stockton


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