Watch out for Snapchat in 2016!

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james pennington

In this exclusive blog, James Pennington, managing director of Middlesbrough-based Viral Effect, introduces the next big thing in social media for businesses…

2016 is going to see the explosion of Snapchat as a marketing social network – I guarantee it!

The audience age has increased just as it did with Facebook, Twitter and Instagram before they became household names.

In case you are wondering what Snapchat is; Snapchat is a social messaging app which allows users to send and receive photos and videos that expire after a set time – oh, and this unicorn of a company is valued at just $19 billion!

You need to be on there! The exposure gained through Snapchat is huge; your content fills the entire screen of the users device and the average open rate of Snaps is around 90% – that’s right – ninety percent! Most email campaigns would be lucky to reach a double digit percentage of opens!

Should you not be on Snapchat, you’re already missing out on the opportunity to share moments and tell stories on a platform that is going to be the face of 2016.

At present a lot of the larger companies including Disney and the NFL are utilising the platform; by using influencers such as ‘Shonduras’ they are able to promote their brands and reach a much wider audience.

My advice is to grow your audience by telling compelling stories (don’t just show a special offer for example). Customers and audiences want to see the inner workings of what makes your company amazing, you should want to build up an emotional connection and form a relationship.

With any social platform you need to post content that is specific to that platform; avoid employing a designer to Photoshop a beautiful piece of artwork and then take a photo of it – that’s not what people want!

The Snapchat audience want to see organic moments and people captured to inspire them, this allows you to break down the barrier that restricts businesses being personable for so many people; it’s not business to business – it’s person to person.

Top tips:
1 – Share content daily! I mean content – not an advert! Social marketing on this platform is all about telling a story.
2 – Download and share parts of that story across other mediums to grow your fan base.
3 – Reply to all your inbound Snaps! You need to go deep on your relationships to build up loyalty and awareness.
4 – Add me! the_jpeffect

• Viral Effect is a social media marketing firm who provide a fun and creative approach to marketing and PR. They offer an array of services including the community management of both local and national social media pages such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.


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