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Tees businesses are being warned by a recycling expert that they could be losing up to 4% of their turnover on waste costs, by Hartlepool-based J&B Recycling’s commercial manager Mark Penny…

Although we have a vested interest in collecting as much waste as possible, we also have a responsibility to ensure businesses are continuing to be eco-friendly and where possible reduce waste production in the first place, thereafter we can help by maximising the potential of the remaining waste.

Tackling both aspects will help reduce costs.

Key ways to do this include reducing overproduction, unnecessary moving or handling of materials, carrying out unnecessary work and also energy wastage.

We have a five-step plan to help organisations. This includes prevention, preparing for re-use, recycling, other recovery and then disposal.

But the first two steps are ones that businesses can fall down on.

Prevention and preparing for re-use can make big savings for businesses, so companies should be refurbishing whole items or spare parts, using less material in design and manufacture and also designing products for a longer life.

However changes can even be as small as monitoring paper use from printers and photocopiers, or putting re-usable cutlery in the canteen.

Educating is also key, signage and labels around the building to remind employees about waste and recycling groups could make a big difference.

We service a range of different industries including construction, education, local authority and commercial property, collecting waste and aiming to get as many organisations operating at ‘Zero Waste to Landfill,’ our own accreditation which it awards to businesses recycling 100% of its waste.

To aid businesses that are struggling we also carry out full waste audits aiming to prevent waste and ensure that none goes to landfill.

The company has now put 52 companies through its ‘Zero Waste to Landfill’ certificate and we hope to award many more throughout 2016.

Mark Penny
Commercial manager, J&B Recycling


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