A Bespoke service with a Teesside heart

Bespoke Financial

Fast-growing Bespoke Financial say a commitment to transparency and hard work is the secret behind a success that has seen their team of financial advisors and administrators grow to 19 in little more than 12 months.

Launched in November 2014 with a team of five, Bespoke specialise in building financial protection packages tailored to the needs of each individual.

Part of First Complete, a regulated national network, their services include life assurance, critical illness assurance, income protection, private medical insurance and business assurance.

But principal Lee Flanagan believes Bespoke are different from other financial firms.

Bespoke have built their success by building a team of people with no previous experience of the financial sector. They include among their ranks people formerly employed as a school teacher, care worker, interpreter, sports centre manager, football coach and call centre worker.

Lee explained: “Non-industry people buy into the dream and are keen to learn the way we do things. Everything we do is built on transparency and hard work.

“We’ve seen how death, serious illness or job loss can affect families, both financially and emotionally, so we’re absolutely committed to leaving them in a better place should they suffer from any of life’s unfortunate events.

“We build a bespoke protection portfolio for our clients, providing them with the protection that’s right for them, with a steadfast policy of transparency and honesty. We always do what’s best for the client.

“That’s how we’ve been able to build our business purely on the basis of referrals. There’s nothing more powerful than a recommendation from a friend or family member who you know and trust. People are happy to recommend us because we’ve done a good job for them.”

Born and raised in the Whinney Banks area of Middlesbrough, Lee added: “We’re very proud of our Teesside roots. It’s part of who we are.

“I’m not from a privileged background. I’m from a working class family and I’ve had to work hard for every single thing I’ve got. Like many people, I’ve had some tough times in the past but this industry has helped me change my life and build a better life for my two children.”


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