Mayoral Development Corporation should focus on employment land

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Stephen Brown

Ensuring more ‘shovel ready’ employment sites are available throughout Teesside should be the main focus of the new Mayoral Development Corporation (MDC), according leading commercial property agents Stephen Brown…

There is a shortage of readily available sites for large employers looking to relocate from within or outside the area.

If the Mayoral Development Corporation (MDC) wants to make a positive impact on the economic growth of the area, it needs to deliver many more buildings and sites for major employers, as well as looking to the long term clean-up of the SSI works in Redcar.

Availability of ‘shovel ready’ employment land now is crucial. We have had to work very hard to find the land to keep some major manufacturing companies in the area, and there are very few sites which could immediately meet the needs of a company looking to move to Teesside with much needed jobs.

The appointment of the successor to Stephen Catchpole, who leaves his post as chief executive of Tees Valley Unlimited at the end of this month, will be crucial to ensure that no momentum is lost in the development of new sites and the focus on inward investment.

The relationship between the new chief executive and the MDC will be a vital one to ensure success.

Stephen Brown
Senior partner, Dodds Brown LLP


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