Hydrochem helping businesses save energy cash

Bill Abbott - Hydrochem

Businesses can save as much as 25% on their energy costs by ensuring their heating facilities are working at full capacity.

Hydrochem regularly carries out servicing and monitoring works at business premises throughout the UK, with several major hotel, leisure and fitness groups on their portfolio.

Modern buildings fitted with the latest facilities are more likely to be energy-efficient.

But engineers from the firm tend to find that older systems are needlessly costing businesses thousands of pounds in lost energy when a simple flush and clean could solve their problems.

The independent Committee on Climate Change has warned that businesses are likely to face increased energy costs up until 2030, with an average increase over the next 14 years ranging from 14% up to 38%.

Hydrochem is advising firms to act now to make savings and recently helped a London-based local authority significantly slash its bills.

They recently carried out a contract to service the heating systems of 24 schools in inner city London which resulted in thousands of pounds worth of savings for the local authority after Hydrochem’s intervention.

Managing director Bill Abbott (pictured), who founded the business 29 years ago, said: “Everyone who has premises, be it homes, schools or business, is aware of the situation regarding energy costs, and businesses are often looking at ways to reduce those costs.

“Obviously organisations have the option of changing providers, but in so many cases savings can be made on costs with a simple procedure being carried out on the heating system.

“Some of the older buildings are fitted with the old-fashioned cast iron radiators, and we find that sludge and debris can build up in the pipes over the years which has an impact on the heat output.

“We do what we call a balanced flush through with a chemical cleaner, and that shifts the sludge and results in a more efficient system and a significant saving for the business.

“Once the systems are fully functioning, the businesses find they don’t need to have the heating on full blast as they may have done in the past, so that in itself saves on costs.

“In many cases, the bills can be significantly reduced, often by as much as 25%.

“Another project we are very happy with is the fitting of constant dosing to hot water systems which allows the temperature to be reduced which lowers the amount of energy consumed, giving savings of up to 25 per cent, that’s a week’s free energy per month, as well as helping to control bacteria such as legionella, something that can’t be ignored!”.

Hydrochem, which broke the £1m turnover barrier at the end of the last financial year, is currently offering free checks to businesses interested in having their heating systems examined.


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