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James Pennington of Viral Effect on why you SHOULDN’T use the ‘Boost’ button on Facebook…

Facebook wants your money, there’s no denying it!

If you run a business page on Facebook and you’re serious about reaching people to promote said business, then you’re going to need to first part with some cash in order to make some cash!

Just remove your wallet or purse from your pocket, type in those card details and commit to spending a few quid in order to reach thousands of people.

Congratulations! You have just done something positive for your business! Yes, there are a few more variables to consider other than just chucking cash at your computer; is the post’s content good enough to grab people’s attention? Does it have a call-to-action that will benefit your business?

For the sake of this article – let’s just say that it does! Through promoting this post you have just boosted your business and with the further introduction of Facebook adverts you can achieve a fantastic Return on Investment (ROI).

However, whatever you do – DO NOT press the ‘Boost Post’ button! Should this feature be present in a high-speed Fighter Jet it would instead read ‘Eject’!

I have spoken to numerous people who have pressed this button, people who have done so on a daily basis. Let me tell you this, their ROI is half of what it could have been had they fully explored the advertising platform that Facebook really has to offer.

Do you really think that pressing an “Eject” button to reach friends of fans is going to benefit your business? It’s not!

By pressing ‘Boost Post’ you are merely blanket marketing to a wider audience; if this is your desired outcome – fine! However if you want to reach a meaningful audience then you need to segment your posting, using different imagery and wording for different demographics.

Facebook are forever introducing new products on their advertising platform, such as ‘Lead Adverts’ and the latest ‘Canvas Adverts’. Use these adverts and you will instantaneously reach more people as Facebook will push their newer products to the top of the pile!

Let me introduce you to 2 alternative types of advert that will revolutionise your business:

1. Lookalike Audience – By utilising existing customer data you can create a new audience similar to those existing customers. This audience will be more likely to be interested in the product or service that your business offers.

2. Pixel Tracking Advertising – Using this medium of advertising you can market to people who have visited your website but, for example’s sake, didn’t order or sign up. You can remarket to those people and entice them into committing to that crucial sale or sign up!

I would highly recommend introducing these adverts into your business model and guarantee that you’ll see some great results! Alternatively, you could go ahead and press that ‘Boost Post’ button if you want… I just hope you’ve got a parachute!

• Based in Middlesbrough, Viral Effect is a creative company, passionate about digital marketing, with a team of social media experts, creative thinkers, programmers and graphic designers.


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