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Tom Warnock

Tom Warnock, relationship manager for North East Chamber of Commerce, reflects on some highly positive media coverage for Teesside – and why we should work to achieve more…

I am always proud that I come from Tees Valley and work with great businesses across our region. Every day I meet entrepreneurs who are creative, whether that is in terms of generating jobs, producing great products or delivering first class services. The thing they all have in common, in my view, is that they don’t shout about their achievements nearly enough.

Last weekend we had the Tour de Yorkshire in our patch and that publicity showed the power of getting yourself on the media stage.

We have had substantial coverage of the awful situation at Redcar and it was great to be able to see a fantastic showcase of the positive parts of our area from the beautiful countryside to the friendly crowds.

Events like the Tour de Yorkshire generate massive opportunities for promotion and extra business for local companies. We need to have more of them and take every advantage to sell Tees Valley to tourists and potential customers. At our Teesside AGM we heard at first-hand how the Tour de France came to be held in Yorkshire and it was a masterclass in how to sell yourself. Peter Dodd, our speaker, was a key part of the team which won the contract. He made it clear you need to have a clear vision and passion to succeed. We have the determination to promote ourselves here – I think we just need to do it more often.

The Tour de Yorkshire 3rd stage started in Centre Square in Middlesbrough on Sunday 1st May. Pictures from the event. 1/5/16  Pic Doug Moody Photography
The Tour de Yorkshire 3rd stage started in Centre Square in Middlesbrough on Sunday 1st May. Pictures from the event.
1/5/16 Pic Doug Moody Photography

The Stockton International Riverside Festival (SIRF) is a prime example of a success story which draws thousands of visitors to the Tees Valley. Media coverage of the festival shows a vibrant and innovative town which is a great draw for visitors from far and wide. These visitors spend money in the area and could also be potential customers for non-retail businesses.

We can all take advantage of opportunities like these major events, invite our clients to visit them with us and do some self-promotion at the same time.

Tees Valley has some great success stories but we need to shout about them and not be shy about it.

Imagine the power of every Tees Valley business promoting itself far and wide.

Part of the role and passion of NECC is to identify and promote the great reasons to live, work and play in the North East. We recognise the difficulties and do our utmost to address those, but we also emphasise the assets, of which there are numerous. This mantra underpins the work we do every day to ensure this region is always striving to fulfil it’s potential, much like businesspeople do every day, in their organisations across the area.

The cumulative impact would put us on the map as an area with a proud past and great future.

Tom Warnock, NECC


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