Innovation, excellence and easy-to-access facilities at world-class Wilton Centre

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First class facilities in an accessible location at the heart of the north east’s industrial landscape has earned the Wilton Centre a world-class reputation.

Over 60 companies, including a number of prestigious multinationals, are located in the spacious science and Business Park, which is set in a 75 acre landscaped park with its own lake and courtyards.

Providing laboratory and pilot plant accommodation and scale up accommodation at competitive rental terms with immediate occupancy has enabled the Wilton Centre to develop as a highly respected and sought after research and technology facility.

Leading-edge support

Site director Steve Duffield says that the Centre’s reputation is built on over 40 years of accommodating leading-edge businesses.

“We have been proudly supporting some of the world’s leading science businesses since the mid-1970s which has required us to adapt to meet the evolving requirements of tenants who are often pushing the boundaries of scientific innovation,” he said.

“In addition we provide high quality office space to complement the technical facilities. This also attracts and supports businesses that are allied to the process industry and which want to be located close to their market.”

Abundant free parking and other benefits

Ongoing investment has enabled the Wilton Centre to extend the facilities it offers to tenants including a high end member’s only gym for tenants and a lakeside restaurant, café and well-equipped and contemporary meeting rooms.

Steve continued: “Something that benefits all of our tenants is the accessibility of the Centre.

“Not only are we located in a fantastic location that is close to all major road and rail networks, we have 1600 free car parking spaces available for anyone who works here or is visiting which can save businesses a lot of unseen time and money.

“Our offer of first-class facilities in an established location with a prestigious reputation on competitive terms with abundant free parking is one we believe is very hard to match.”

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