Pictures: £5m Riverside renovation underway

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Middlesbrough FC has been given the green light by the Premier League compliance team to press ahead with plans to re-develop areas of the Riverside Stadium at a reported cost of £5m.

Like all clubs newly promoted to English football’s top division, Boro have to meet new Premier League criteria, and work has already begun on improved media facilities at the stadium.

The computer generated image above shows part of the new media facilities.

New LED floodlighting and dug-outs will also be installed during the summer, along with a new players’ entrance, alongside a revamped West Stand reception.

Two TV studios will be built on either side of the big screen (see CGI below), and the Outside Broadcast compound, used by the matchday broadcasters, is also being moved to a new location in the Riverside’s South East corner.


As part of the changes, the club is also taking the opportunity to move the TV gantry from the West Stand to the East Stand.

The decision to move the TV gantry – the main camera positions will now focus towards the West Stand – was taken to ensure a higher profile reflection and increase the global image of the club.

Boro are also making changes to their media facilities with extensive alterations taking place behind the West Stand reception, with a new 70-seat press conference room, media working area, mixed zone and interview rooms being built, all of which will result in the club’s commercial and finance departments moving to another part of the stadium.

The Riverside Stadium opened in 1995 when it was biggest new ground built in England for more than 60 years.

The Miller Partnership were architects, with Taylor Woodrow and Ove Arup building the stadium in less than 12 months. The total cost was £16m, part-funded by an £8m loan from the ING bank and a £3.25m grant from the Football Trust.

The stadium’s initial 30,000 capacity was increased to 35,000 in 1998 when seats were added in the corner sections at either end of the West Stand.

The CGI below shows the revamped players’ dressing room.


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