Award-winning Claire wins business backing for Europe

Stronger in Europe business supporters in Middlesbrough 10/6/16 Pic Doug Moody Photograph

Stronger in Europe business supporters in Middlesbrough 10/6/16 Pic Doug Moody Photograph

Sound Training, the North-East Small Business of the Year, is leading the way among more than 30 Teesside companies in calling on people to vote for Britain to remain in the EU in the forthcoming referendum.

Claire Preston, CEO of Middlesbrough-based Sound Training, helped to organise a letter addressed to ‘All Teessiders’ which has been counter-signed by more than 30 Teesside companies of all sizes in support of Britain’s continued membership of the EU.

She helped to recruit business owners from across Teesside to back the campaign and make their stance clear and says she received a “hugely positive response”.

Claire is pictured (above, second right) with Carla Keegans (left), of the Ethical Lettings Agency, Natalie Boult of Bespoke Financial and Bianca Robinson (right) of The Digital Catalyst.

“As a proud Teesside company, employing more than 80 people, we were hugely proud to win the Small Business Award in the North East Business Awards,” said Claire.

“I’m a firm believer in standing up for Teesside and giving a voice to what I believe is important to our region.

“I’ve been delighted with the strong feeling among many Teesside business owners in favour of Britain remaining in the EU because I believe the EU is good for Britain and Teesside in so many key areas.

“This isn’t a rich list of those seeking to make financial gain from the referendum result. The businesses who have signed this letter aren’t international conglomerates – they range from sole traders to medium sized companies, some of them very successful and others with owners who are scraping together a living but are passionate about Teesside.

“We hope that those who have yet to decide which way they will vote will be influenced by seeing such a public stance from other people they can relate to.”

The letter reads:

All 30 of us are very proud to be Teesside-based business people and we feel privileged to play a role in the economy of our amazing area.

We believe that Teesside’s businesses, and all of its people, benefit hugely from the UK’s membership of the EU and this letter from us all is a public statement of enthusiasm for the benefits of EU membership.

On June 23rd we will be voting to remain in the EU and for the sake of Teesside jobs and prosperity we recommend that others do the same.

Those who have counter-signed the letter include Martin Gilbey and James Pennington, respectively managing directors of fast-growing Middlesbrough businesses Midas and Viral Effect, Gary Lumby MBE of Wynyard-based Focus on Success, Carla Keegans of Redcar-based firm, The Ethical Lettings Agency, and Joanna Wake of Stockton’s RAW Digital Training.

The full list is below:

Dave Allan (DNA PR & Publicity), Middlesbrough
Paul Alsop (YC Solutions), Yarm
Natalie Boult (Bespoke Financial), Middlesbrough
Shaun Brereton (bSoftware), Middlesbrough
Ben Brown (CR Comms), Stockton
Peter Calvert (Boho Print), Middlesbrough
Martin Gilbey (Midas), Middlesbrough
Julie Harrison (Inspiron Learning), Billingham
Lisa Holt (The Creative Alchemist), Middlesbrough
Kevin Hynes (Tees Fire Systems), Middlesbrough
Sara Jacobs (Sara Jacobs Agency), Stockton
Elvis Katato (Independent Film Maker), Stockton
Carla Keegans (The Ethical Lettings Agency), Redcar
Anthony Long (Vintage Financial Consultants), Stockton
Gary Lumby MBE (Focus on Success), Wynyard
Matt McGough (Ithica Films), Middlesbrough
Michael Maguire (FI Maguire Pharmacy), Middlesbrough
Jeremy Middleton (My Local), Stockton
Billy Myers (BioForce), Stockton
Dominic Nelson (Jazz Personnel), Middlesbrough
Matthew Ord (KMS Partners), Middlesbrough
James Pennington (Viral Effect), Middlesbrough
Claire Preston (Sound Training), Middlesbrough
Lisa Preston (Hunters Teesside), Middlesbrough
Saheed Rashid (Smooth Print), Middlesbrough
Dan Riley (Spearhead Interactive), Middlesbrough
Bianca Robinson (The Digital Catalyst), Saltburn
Daniel Smith (90SecondStory), Middlesbrough
Wade Tovey (Opinioneer), Middlesbrough
Joanna Wake (RAW Digital Training), Stockton
Martin Walker (Mantis Media), Newton Aycliffe
Tim Ward (Bid & Research), Hartlepool
Jonathan Waters (Eighty8 Design), Middlesbrough


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