Be Bold, Be Brave, Be Different!

Tees Business Digital Media Pack

Matt Emmerson

Matt Emmerson, of Tees-based Emmerson Marketing, delivers some useful marketing tips to Tees Business readers…

We operate in an increasingly competitive, fast-paced and highly digitalised world, one where consumers are bombarded with advertising campaigns via multiple platforms at a breath-taking rate.

Strategically, your organisation must develop long term, robust yet flexible marketing plans that adapt to and embrace this changing landscape or risk being left behind.

At a tactical level, your marketing campaigns must stand out from all the “noise” – differentiating you from your competitors, resonating with consumers and making your message more memorable in consumers’ minds.

Before launching any marketing initiative, however, there is a simple ‘checklist’ that one should consider that will give your campaign the best chance of success…

Ask Don’t Assume – Are you launching a campaign simply because you think your customers have an appetite for the product or service you’re promoting? Or, is your marketing initiative a response to market research and a clear understanding of the desires of consumers?

Know Your Audience – What does your target market look like? What makes them tick and does your marketing activity reflect that knowledge? Know your demographics inside and out.

Clarify your Proposition – What is the key message that you want to communicate? Say it loud, say it simply and say it clearly. Don’t waffle.

Talk-the-Talk – Does you campaign use a ‘tone of voice’ that strikes a chord with your target audience and, therefore, makes the communication more interesting, relevant and appealing?

Channel Your Message – What communication channels provide the best way to ‘talk’ to your target audience? On line, off line, above-the-line? A mix of all three?

Stand Out From the Crowd – Promote your point of difference or unique selling point (USP) versus your competitors. For example, is it your price point? Is it your customer service? Is it your product quality?

Stand Out From the Crowd…Again! Don’t blend in with the same old type of campaigns that your competitors run. Deliver campaigns set that you apart from rival businesses and get you noticed. Creativity is free. Be bold, be brave, be different!

Matt Emmerson
Owner, Emmerson Marketing


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