Giving is good for you – and for business

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andy preston

Andy Preston, founder-chairman of two local charities, Teesside Philanthropic Foundation and CEO Sleepout, on why philanthropy is good for your business…

I really do believe that giving is good for you.

Now I am definitely not a hippy or a Buddhist but I have seen firsthand that being generous with the things you have in abundance brings great rewards.

I don’t think anyone should give away things they’re short of but I do completely recommend donating some of your money, time or energy – if you can spare it.

I recently sat down with the chief operating officer of a very profitable and dynamic video game company. We chatted about his business becoming more involved with Middlesbrough & Teesside Philanthropic Foundation and I spelled out three great benefits of supporting us:

1. The community, other businesses and his peers will feel more positive about his organisation

2. Supporting local charities and the community will make his staff feel great about where they work

3. Giving is intrinsically good and worth doing for its own sake!

I know that each of the Foundation’s 43 patrons has gained hugely by giving. Not least because they’ve met a broader section of the community and understand it much, much better – and that’s good news for everyone!

In my opinion: start giving because it’s good for you and your business.

Andy Preston


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