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Jonathan Willett

Jonathan Willett, director of Henderson Insurance Brokers, on why it’s so important for businesses to protect themselves properly against cyber crime…

According to the Office for National Statistics (ONS), there were 5.6m fraud and computer misuse crimes reported from June 2015 to June 2016, with 3.8m instances of cyber-crime, which included 1,340,000 caused by computer viruses and 681,000 from hackers.

Tesco Bank has also been the victim of cyber-crime and, as a result, suffered severe disruptions when 40,000 customer accounts were targeted and money was taken from 20,000 of those accounts.

This resulted in the firm having to halt online payments for current account members.

Sadly, in this day and age, businesses are being hampered by cases of cyber-crime, despite having robust security infrastructures in place, so it is vitally important that the proper precautions are in place.

The recent ONS figures are very disturbing and highlight the issues that businesses face each and every day, and the recent case involving Tesco Bank demonstrates how the disruptions following an attack can affect a company and its customers.

At Henderson Insurance Brokers, we regularly host briefings and seminars on various topics which provides business owners and senior members of staff with up-to-date industry knowledge about how to guard against risks and protect their assets.

These seminars have welcomed people from a range of industries who have been given an insight into a number of topics that are key to operating a business effectively and safely. Cyber-crime can cause major disruptions to businesses and staff members, so it is important that businesses are aware of the dangers.

Several insurers we work with are now offering cyber insurance cover options, which are often excluded from standard insurance policies, and this has been designed to support businesses from such attacks given the devastating effects these crimes can have on business activity and data protection.

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Jonathan Willett
Director, Henderson Insurance Brokers


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