What makes a good website?

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Dave Ramrekah

Dave Ramrekha, from Middlesbrough-based VIA Creative, delivers some useful tips on how to make sure your website stand out…

Everyone knows that a website is the go-to resource for people to find out more about a company, organization, product or service.

But what makes a good website? And what makes a bad one?

Let’s get the negative stuff out of the way first.

Incomprehensible design
Many websites have a stunning homepage but little thought has been applied into the end-users’ journey through the site, lacking any form of direction.

Essential info missing
Newer websites are catering for the advent of mobiles, meaning they’re making more use of a scrolling function. But a customer shouldn’t have to click on other pages to be able to call or email.

Poor navigation
We all like to be different but there are some hard and fast rules when designing a site. If it’s cumbersome to navigate you’ll lose a customer.

Is it mobile?
More users are visiting sites through phones and tablets so the days of having a website which needs to be pinched and zoomed to view content should be behind us.

And what constitutes a good website?

Make things simple
Put yourself in your customers’ shoes when it comes to visiting your site for the first time. What do you want your customers to find? Make sure it’s easy for them to do so.

We mean everything!
Keep the colour palette simple but effective, make buttons and call to actions prominent and make the content interesting and relevant.

Engage your audience
A clear, concise design process can make or break any website so ensure your agency understands who your target audience is.

Commission an agency
There’s an abundance of freebie website generators available together with purchased themes that developers can apply for your site – but these have been shaped by an organisation with no knowledge of your company or audience.

Dave Ramrekha
VIA Creative


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