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Dave Allan. 8/7/15

Tees Business co-editor Dave Allan on why booking space before the fast approaching deadline for the new issue of Teesside’s only business publication could take you from rags to riches…

Earlier this week as I walked my dog Oscar along the road, I heard a yell that evoked memories of the past. As I looked up, I saw a man leaning out of a white van, and I realised he was shouting “Rag bone!”.

In my youth, the rag and bone man would come slowly along our street riding a wagon pulled by an old horse, shouting “Rag bone!” to let people know he was looking for items he could recycle, long before such a term was used.

Almost inevitably, two or three people would come rushing out of the house and shout to him something along the lines of “yes, I have something for you”. He did business because he was going slowly and people had time to give him their custom.

In his own mind The Rag and Bone man I saw this week perhaps thought he had modernised, driving his new van instead of an old cart, but in fact he was going so fast that nobody had the opportunity to give him the business he so craved.

In the old days, businesses relied on publications for publicity opportunities. Then came the Internet and social media.

I hesitate to compare our business with the rag and bone man, but a big part of the success of Tees Business is that we have adopted modern ways of publicising, such as the Internet, a very active news website, social media and Teesside’s only business enews. They’re our version of the Rag and bone man’s modern white van.

But, unlike the rag and bone man, we haven’t thrown the baby out with the bath water. We still have our trusty old cart – and it’s working better than ever.

The biggest part of our success remains that great old publicity medium – the magazine. As the only publication dedicated to covering the Tees business scene, Tees Business is a unique opportunity to tell potential customers about your products and services.

We are now busy pulling together the Spring issue of Tees Business. We’d love to talk to you about taking space in a magazine we are proud to say has filled what was once a massive gap in the Tees business market.

You can book space in the magazine for as little as £99 per month. But you also have the option of booking space on our enews, which goes to more than 1,000 business email addresses every Thursday. Prices are as little as £195 for four weeks.

Don’t be like one of those people who heard the Rag and Bone man this week, but were too late in reacting and missed the opportunity.

Get in touch with us today to make sure your business features in the next issue of Tees Business.

The booking deadline is next Friday, February 10, and you can call us on 01642 450255 or email our business development executive, Jenny Williams, on

Or you can download our new 2017 Media Pack by clicking here.

Dave Allan
Co-editor, Tees Business


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