Businesses urged to sign up for fully-funded STEM schools initiative

Employers in the Tees Valley and North East are being invited by a national campaign to open their doors to schools to help tackle the current UK STEM skills crisis by offering students an insight into the world of work.

Your Life, the government backed STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Maths) campaign, is looking for volunteer companies across the region to host inspirational school trips for local students.

Your Life’s ambition is to increase the number of students studying Maths and Physics at A Level by opening their eyes to the variety of career opportunities in the future that these subjects will unlock.

Research indicates that more than 50% of teenagers across the North East have never had an interaction with a STEM employer.

The campaign’s Best School Trip initiative helps to raise awareness of career opportunities in STEM and links skills to subjects, therefore assisting the current skills gap. After attending 84% of students say they would now consider taking Maths A Level and 74% Physics.

Best School Trips are designed and delivered to offer young people first-hand experience of the STEM career possibilities available in their local area as well as offer businesses the chance to engage with their future workforce and forge lasting links with local schools.

Your Life fully funds the initiative making it free of charge for businesses and schools.

Your Life’s communications director Toby Hicks: “Seeing the world of work first hand can have a transformative impact on future possibilities for young people.

“Research shows that the more employer encounters the students have, the more prepared they are for their working life.

“We know that there is a challenge in the North East to get more students into businesses.”

He added: “The good news is that we can help tackle this issue working with businesses across the region. Best School Trips are ‘resource-light’ for host companies, with us managing the process from start to finish. Who knows, you could have the chance to meet your future CEO?”

A recent report found that employer encounters between the ages of 11 and 18 gives young people a career boost later in life, but those who need it most get it least.

The survey undertaken on behalf of Education and Employers Research working with Prue Huddleston (Professor Emeritus of the University of Warwick) by YouGov interviewed 1,744 young British adults aged 19-24.

The research found that higher volumes of school-mediated employer engagement are associated with reducing the risk of becoming NEET by up to 86%.

For more information please contact the team on: or 0207 243 9321.


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