New kit helps drive students ahead

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Budding motor vehicle technicians at Stockton Riverside College have received a jump start in their chosen career, thanks to the generosity of Simon Bailes Peugeot.

The latest in vehicle technology, worth around £25,000, including a three-cylinder engine, ABS power systems, lighting units, dash controls and immobilisation systems has been donated to the college by the dealership, which has branches in Stockton, Northallerton and Guisborough.

It will enable the students to hone their practical skills working with the most up to date systems.

Motor Vehicle Course Leader, Ted Edwards, said: “The students and staff were like kids at Christmas, taking everything out, identifying and grouping it together.

“This equipment has taken us forward five years in one step. Our students now have access to things that we just didn’t have before.

“With some learners on apprenticeships it has given them the chance to demonstrate their knowledge to us.”

Simon Bailes, who started his own career as a motor vehicle apprentice, said: “As a business we like to put something back into our community and supporting the motor technicians of the future is something we were delighted to do.

“We looked at the equipment the students were working with and brought it up to date by adding the latest technology available including engines, steering, airbags and lights.”

Describing technology within the industry as having “changed out of all recognition”, Bailes added: “Students’ hands on practical experience should be relevant to the work they will be undertaking as their careers progress and it is a genuine pleasure to support the next generation of young people training to be motor vehicle technicians.”

Looking forward to working with the new kit, Motor Vehicle student, David Bandoy, 17, of Stockton, said: “The new equipment is much more advanced than what we have previously handled in the workshop, this will help us get to know more about new engines.”

• Pictured (above): Stockton Riverside College Motor Vehicle students Lewis March (front) and Ashton Taylor with Simon Bailes and the college’s motor vehicle course leader Ted Edwards (back).


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