Why the Investment Prospectus WILL work

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Middlesbrough’s elected Mayor Dave Budd tells Tees Business why he thinks the council’s Investment Prospectus is already well-equipped to succeed…

This is an exciting time for Middlesbrough.

This week we officially launched our Investment Prospectus – a detailed plan involving £700m-worth of investment over the next four years.

During our official launch on Monday, we heard from different people from the public and private sector who are really excited about it.

Many people didn’t need persuading that this is a good idea and at the right time.

Middlesbrough is the place to invest, and I think investors will be impressed by the breadth of this plan.

As investors see things happening in Middlesbrough, and they realise they can make money here, they will come.

This is not just about one or two pet schemes. It’s a whole range of things which are very coherent, based on economic reality and which are deliverable – and a lot of them are already being delivered now.

People have raised their eyebrows at the idea of £700m being invested here over the next few years – but already we’ve seen £500m invested here in the last few years, so we’re building on what’s already happened.

Some of the things included in the Investment Prospectus are already in the planning stage, some are close to being delivered, so we’re not starting from nothing.

This is practical – it’s a plan, not a vision.

You only need to take a walk around the town to see that things are already happening, all over the town. Small things as well, which are really important. Lots of people are investing in the town.

Yes, we will always get some cynicism, but this is going to work, I have no doubt whatsoever about that.

The question I ask is are we a little Northern town with 140,000 people? Or are we the city centre for a city region with nearly 750,000 people? The answer to me is obvious, I see it as the latter, and that is a completely different vision from where we’ve been in the last few years.

Dave Budd
Elected Mayor, Middlesbrough


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