Cutting edge corporate staff wellness programme launches across Teesside

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An inactive and unhealthy workforce costs companies millions of pounds every year. But a Tees business is looking to the corporate world to help revolutionise the fitness market – to everyone’s benefit.

A new cutting edge staff health and wellbeing programme, Wellbeats, is being launched across Teesside, giving employees the chance to take part in physical activity any time anywhere.

Wellbeats enables staff to stream high quality fitness classes to their personal devices – mobile phones, tablets, computers and TVs work equally well – for as a little as 76p per month. Companies can even deliver fitness classes in their workplace without the need to purchase new hardware.

Having delivered virtual group fitness in the health, fitness and corporate market since 2008, Wellbeats has more than 3,500 systems installed across 19 countries delivering over 4 million classes.

With the support of Stockton-based partners Tees Valley Innovation, a new Wellbeats app is being launched in the UK – and Ian Donley, the Tees firm’s managing director, is understandably keen to ensure his fellow Teessiders are at the heart of the lean revolution.

The Wellbeats app gives people access to fitness classes anywhere, anytime, be it at work, at home or even on the move.

Donley says: “Physical and mental wellbeing is critical in the current corporate world. Whilst gyms provide a good way to get fit and stay healthy, only 14% of the UK population are members of a gym – a figure that has grown by only around 4% in the last 20 years.

“This clearly tells us that the vast majority of the population don’t want to go to a gym, no matter what the service or price offering.

“However, the home fitness DVD market is worth millions of pounds, so it’s clear that people want to exercise but in the security and comfort of their own environment.”

Wellbeats produces high quality fitness classes using leading health and fitness instructors.

There are over 200 classes available, ranging from five minutes to 50, in yoga, pilates, step and zumba, 20-minute express and high-intensity workouts, and classes specially designed for the office or home. There are also children’s classes, perfect for family exercise at home or that can be used in schools, as there are no boundaries to where this system can be used.

“There’s something to suit everyone,” adds Donley. “We cater for every age from three to 65-plus, and for all abilities.”

Also available are fit tests and specially designed group fitness programmes, providing staff with guidance and support on what classes to take whatever their desired outcome, whether that be weight loss, stress relief or something else.

Donley adds: “This is the most cutting edge fitness technology that allows companies to provide all staff – no matter where they are located or what day or time they work – with specially designed fitness classes to meet their needs. We can also provide monthly reports to track staff activity.

“In the weeks and months ahead, we’re looking to speak to companies across the UK about Wellbeats and we’re confident of a big uptake, but we’d love Tees companies to lead this opportunity for a unique way to lead their staff health and wellbeing programme.”

• For further information please contact Ian Donley on 07939 064918, email or visit

The ultimate 10-minute massage

If your staff suffer from stress, Tees Valley Innovation might just have the solution with the HydroMassage.

Designed to be located in accessible areas within the workplace, the HydroMassage bed or loungers provides the ideal 10-minute stress relief and relaxation massage for staff.

So what does it involve? Simply lay on the bed fully clothed and experience hot jets of water projected onto a protective membrane travelling up and down the body.

There’s an interactive touchscreen to select relaxation music and videos, while one of the amazing features is the ability to control the massage, increase or slow down the speed with which the massage travels up and down the body and control the intensity of the massage for a light or deep tissue massage). You can even pause the massage on a particular area of the body.

Tees Valley Innovation MD Ian Donley says: “This really is an amazing experience that helps with both mental and physical wellbeing.”

• For further information please contact Ian Donley on 07939 064918, email or visit


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