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Introducing The Build Directory, the home improvements market’s answer to the supermarket…

How often do you carry out home improvements? Every other year? Once a year? More often?

Whatever the rate, the chances are you go to different suppliers each time.

But have you ever considered the possibility that just one supplier could be the answer to all of your home improvement issues?

The challenge of providing a one-stop home improvement shop is one The Build Directory and its managing director Alisdair Beveridge are tackling head on.

Alisdair believes his Teesside firm can be the answer no matter what the question.

The Build Directory is fast becoming the name for an extensive range of home improvements – from windows and doors, to conservatories and orangeries, kitchens and bathrooms, garage doors and front doors, driveways and patios, central heating systems and boilers.

Based at Joseph Parr off Portrack Lane in Stockton, the firm has quickly spread its wings since launching less than four years ago, already boasting customers across Teesside, the North-East, North Yorkshire and beyond.

Word-of-mouth and an impressively high rate of customer retention has ensured a rapid growth that has caused a big stir within an industry renowned for acting at its own pace, often to the frustration of the customer.

Alisdair says: “The supermarket concept was born from our busy lives requiring convenience in one place, whether we’re buying food, clothes or white goods.

“We all expect convenience – but the home improvement world expected you to shop around and buy from different operators, whether it be a new drive, an extension, a conservatory or new windows.

“But The Build Directory is the supermarket of the home improvements world.

“Our aim is to be the first truly one-stop shop for home improvements for life.”

The Build Directory will even lend you the money for your improvements with some of the lowest rates around.

Alisdair says: “We don’t make a penny from offering the cheapest finance you’re going to get. If we don’t make any money on finance, our customers have more money to spend on home improvements.”

The firm recently completed an impressive job for a client including the building of a glass lantern over a games room, changing the roof over a swimming pool and the building a large orangery garden room.

Alisdair and his team carried out a needs analysis before solving all of the homeowner’s project challenges.

Alisdair says: “We listen to what you really need and maybe want, then cost it, source it, make it happen – and, if you want, will even fund it. We’ll install it, and then we guarantee to come back to help with future projects.”

One thing Alisdair does promise is that The Build Directory won’t provide the cheapest quote.

“We don’t aim to be the cheapest,” he explains. “We aim to be the best.

“The fitters and builders who carry out our work are highly skilled professional craftsmen, which I believe is what most people want. In fact, the whole team – whether working in customer experience, marketing, sales or in the back office – are first class. Price is a one-time thing, while value will last a lifetime.

“We don’t have gimmicks such as ‘buy one, get one free’. In fact, it’s ‘buy one, get none free’. We just offer the right price in the first place. It’s one of the reasons why our repeat custom is through the roof.”


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