Mental health: how to be a mindful employer

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Endeavour Partnership’s Jessica Maine with some tips on how to look after your staff’s mental health…

The importance of looking after your staff’s mental health and wellbeing is now high on an employer’s agenda particularly following the most recent national health campaign and increased coverage in the media.

But how and why should employers, with possibly hundreds of workers, ensure that their staff are happy in the workplace?

After all, a happy worker is generally a much more productive worker and research shows productivity levels can increase by 12%.

In addition ACAS research suggests that mental health problems cost employers in the UK £30 billion a year through lost production, recruitment and absence. This in turn can have a huge impact on the business and even limit its potential growth.

Of course, employers have a moral duty to look after their staff, but they also have statutory obligations in terms of an employee’s mental and physical wellbeing.

It is vital therefore for employers to be aware of and deal with mental health and wellbeing issues. By having policies and procedures that focus on mental health as part of employee wellbeing, businesses can help remove the stigma around mental health issues as well as ensuring that their employees are happy and therefore more productive, making it a win win situation.

We have some top tips on how to care for your staff and promote mental health wellbeing, which are available in the blog section at

If you require assistance with any aspects of how to deal with staff wellbeing in your business, please contact our specialist team.

Jessica Maine
Employment Department
Endeavour Partnership


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