Why can’t your customers find you online?

Danielle Bloom, from Middlesbrough-based Calm Digital, with some useful web tips…

Three common issues that could be holding your business back:

1. Website limitations

The first step of any digital strategy starts with a website audit to reveal technical faults hindering your site. Poorly written content, bad structure, slow loading times and poor keywords are all common issues. To your customers, some of these problems can’t be seen, but to Google these limitations are essentially saying “Ignore me, I don’t want to be found”.

You may think you’re exempt if you’ve had a new website built, but an amateur job will be plagued by these problems, making it impossible to be found.

2. Poor user experience

User experience should be at the core of any website project. You might be impressed with how beautiful your website looks, but if it doesn’t convert traffic, it’s as good as a phone that is always ringing but never answered.

Your website should be designed to maximise your business goals; if different users land on the homepage with different goals then they must be catered for. Strong calls to action, with well written content, placed in appropriate places is what counts.

3. No-one knows you exist

So you’ve put your website live, but you need to make sure you have resources to market it.

SEO will ensure you’re found through search engines. PPC will allow you to pay for instant traffic. Social will help build a following, and email marketing allows you to directly target individuals.

Think of a website as a shop. A well informed strategy will get your customer from their home, to the checkout with a trolley load of groceries.

Danielle Bloom
Calm Digital


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