DuPont Teijin Films scientist wins prestigious chemistry award

Middlesbrough’s Megan Todd, who works at DuPont Teijin Films UK, is the Royal Society of Chemistry’s Industry Technician of the Year winner for 2017.

Megan’s research focuses on the development of additives and polyester films used for applications such as food packaging, solar panels and electronics.

The Industry Technician of the Year Award is given in recognition of outstanding contribution made by an individual in a technical role in industry.

Megan was presented with her award and a £1,000 prize at an awards ceremony, which formed part of Chemistry Means Business, a two-day event for the chemistry-using industry, organised by the Royal Society of Chemistry.

On receiving her award, Megan, who is also a Registered Scientist, said: “It feels amazing to win – I couldn’t believe it when they called my name out. It’s a big achievement – I’m very happy and excited to see what the future brings.

“I feel very passionate about the need for more technicians in industry and I do a lot of work going into schools and promoting apprenticeships, because I did one myself. I think it’s an amazing thing, especially where I live in Teesside where there’s a lot of chemical industry.

“I’m planning to carry on where I’m working and hopefully develop my skills and into more projects at work which are coming on soon see where they take me.”

The award winners, who all work for companies in the chemistry-using industry, are chosen by a panel of senior scientists and industry executives and selected for their contribution to innovation and commercial success.

Specific awards also recognise the importance of vocational roles, such as technicians and apprentices, in industry, as well as the importance of entrepreneurship, while teamwork awards recognise successful collaborations between industry and academia.

Aurora Antemir, Head of Industry at the Royal Society of Chemistry, said: “The chemical sciences industry makes an enormous contribution to society worldwide, bringing value to the economy, and improving everyday lives.

“As the professional body for chemists, it is a pleasure and an honour to recognise the outstanding achievements and inspirational stories of chemical scientists from across the industrial sector, from apprentices to CEOs.”

The awards represent the breadth of the chemistry-using industry, with winners coming from start-ups and small companies as well as major multinationals, and working in a range of areas from pharmaceuticals to energy.

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