5 ways we can win new business for your Tees business

Don’t read this if you’ve got more than enough customers for your business. Co-editor Dave Allan with five ways Tees Business could help win more business for you…

It would be easy to tell you what Tees Business can do for you to help you raise the profile of your business, products and services – and win new business.

But, better still, here’s Joe Darragh of our clients Mandale with his views: “Since we started advertising in Tees Business my phone has gone berserk. It’s the place to be. 15 sensible enquiries. 5 major deals. Jackpot!”

But which option should you go for? Here’s a few options…

1 Conventional ad
A conventional advert is the perfect way to promote your products or services with an eye-catching, colourful and punchy promotion that will catch the eye of potential customers. The Tees Business team can help you with your wording, imagery and design.

2 Editorial feature
A popular alternative to booking space for a conventional advert is an editorial, also known as an advertorial. This is the perfect promotional option if you want to tell the story of your business, describe what makes you different or tell potential new clients about your successes.

3 A bit of both
Many Tees Business clients combine both a conventional advert with an editorial feature, so getting the best of both worlds.

4 Online editorial
All editorials that appear in Tees Business magazine automatically appear both on the busy Tees Business website and in the Tees Business enews to more than 1,100 Teesside business email addresses – the only news website and enews dedicated to covering the Teesside business community.

5 Banner advertising
Why not book some eye-catching flash banner advertising on Tees Business enews? It’s a value-for-money option to advertising your product, service or event with a direct link to your website. For just £75 for one week and £195 for four, we can even design the ads for you.

The Autumn issue of Tees Business is out on September 15, with a booking deadline of August 25. Get in touch today to talk through your promotional options.

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Get in touch with us via email info@teesbusiness.co.uk or call 01642 450255.


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