Energy firm’s new addition to explore water market

Utility Alliance has added to its ever-increasing list of customers since the water market deregulated in April – but says many businesses are still unaware that there are savings to be made.

Changes to the market earlier this year saw commercial and non-residential customers given the opportunity to switch their supplier in order to get the best possible price and service level.

This move brings the sector in line with the gas and electricity markets, and the team of staff at Utility Alliance are well placed to ensure businesses get the best possible deal.

But Andrew Marley, Water manager at Utility Alliance, says many businesses are still not up to speed with the changes and are yet to make the most of the water market being more customer focused.

Marley said: “Since April, our team has bene contacting customers within the English market to inform them of the changes. A surprisingly high percentage of the people we have spoken with were unaware of the changes, despite it being widespread news in the lead up to it.

“The SME and mid-market in particular were not familiar with the change and what it meant to them, but once we have made them aware and gone onto look at their contracts, we’re delighted have saved every single of them on their bills.

“We also look at multi-utility discounts, so many of the clients have asked us to take a look at their gas and electric as well as their water, and again there have been significant savings across the board.

“In the SME and mid-market, we are fully aware that they don’t always have the time to look at their utilities in depth, so they have appreciated the fact we are effectively a one-stop shop for them and take all the hassle away from changing suppliers.”

Water in Scotland was deregulated in 2008, and since then businesses north of the border have enjoyed savings of up to 20 per cent simply by improving the efficiency of their supply. On top of that, 17 billion litres of water have been saved.

For more information about how to save money on your water bills, call Andrew and his team on 01429 727100 or email


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