Hobgoblin 3D designs are an international success

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Middlesbrough-based Hobgoblin 3D is expanding its US exports with help from the Department for International Trade’s (DIT) e-commerce experts.

The company, a trailblazer in 3D printables for the expanding gaming market, has worked closely with DIT North East’s e-commerce specialist, Sue Beverley, to develop its export strategy and target gamers in the lucrative US market.

Sue explained: “3D printables for home use are relatively new to market but there is an ever-growing interest in gaming across the world.

“We worked with Hobgoblin 3D to target key markets and to ensure that all the strategic planning was in place to maximise e-commerce opportunities.”

Hobgoblin 3D’s managing director, Kevin Miree, said: “The advice and guidance of DIT really helped us refine our export strategy, and make use of the channels most effective to our business model.

“We’d encourage any early start up to make use of their support. It’s never too early to consider your international approach!

“There’s big things coming thanks to home use 3D printing, it’s a fantastic time for entrepreneurs, especially those with digital art skills and the right social media know-how.

“There are so many opportunities opening up. It’s great to think that within just a short time we are now designing, manufacturing, marketing, and distributing our own products globally.”

Companies interested in breaking into overseas markets and taking advantage of the global appetite for UK goods and services can visit the new online trade hub, great.gov.uk, part of the Government’s Exporting is GREAT initiative.

great.gov.uk is a single digital destination for trade and investment, bringing together and connecting UK businesses, international buyers and international investors.

Whether businesses are new, occasional or frequent exporters, they will be able to take advantage of the new suite of tools and exclusive deals on fees or commissions with some of the world’s leading online marketplaces.


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