Training firm looking to make impact at Tees power station

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A training firm which specialises in emotional intelligence has been awarded a contract to deliver behaviour-based safety training at the world’s largest new-build Biomass Power station construction site.

High Impact Development, a leading behavioural training company based on Aycliffe Business Park, has won the contract to deliver workshops for principal contractor Tecnicas Reunidas at the Tees Renewable Energy Plant (Tees REP) site in Middlesbrough.

Tecnicas Reunidas, a world leader in engineering and construction in the oil and gas sector, is the principal contractor on the site at the Tees Dock Road site.

High Impact has now delivered the first round of workshops to over 200 delegates, with an overarching objective to quickly develop a high-performing workforce for TR that is willing and able to perform their tasks in a positive, productive and safe manner.

Primary messages are also delivered around individuals being selfish about their own safety, working as a team and caring for colleagues and communicating with them.

“We are thrilled to serve the training needs of this prestigious project, which is a world first for Teesside”, said High Impact owner and managing director Gary Hosey.

“Our passion is delivering measurable behavioural change for leaders, teams and organisations.”

Karin Ovari, High Impact’s senior behaviour safety facilitator with over 15 years’ experience, added: “The feedback has been very high and is already impacting every day safety decisions.”

High Impact, which has also worked with Aycliffe-based Hitachi Rail Europe to help develop and coach some of its key leaders, prides itself on world class behavioural development for many organisations across the UK and regularly delivers programmes around the world.

The firm has been delivering training for more than eight years to 25% of the Times top 200 companies.

Specialising in enhancing behaviour and performance using emotional intelligence, the firm delivers one-to-one coaching, facilitated workshops for teams, leaders and senior management teams and manager development programmes.

The company has drawn together specialists in behavioural-based safety with over 25 years experience to design and deliver this tailored programme.

Tees REP is a 299MW biomass-powered, combined heat and power (CHP) plant proposed by MGT Teesside, a wholly owned subsidiary of MGT Power.

The £650m plant was approved in 2016 and is scheduled to be online by 2020.


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