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Rarely could an accolade be more appropriate than the one won by my friend Bill Scott, voted Teesside’s Most Inspiring Businessperson by his peers in the Tees Business poll you can read about in the latest issue of Tees Business.

Inspiring is absolutely the right word to describe Bill.

He has led Wilton Engineering – the business he built from scratch – back in the right direction with a hugely impressive breakthrough into the offshore wind sector.

What this is proof of is that Bill’s got a really rare quality in business in that not only can he build a particular business well but he can adapt too.

He’s clearly good at building businesses and making money but what sets Bill apart from others is that he’s also so generous with his time energy and with his own money.

The great thing about Bill is that if he can help someone he will. I think that’s a fantastic quality. Fair play to any businesspeople who build great businesses and create jobs – Teesside needs plenty of that – but we should be much more willing to champion who do all that but also support the community too.

In my opinion, he is a perfect role model for entrepreneurs of all ages who want to build a successful business.

He sets standards in ambition, job creation, compassion and generosity. If only we could clone Bill and create another 50 of him! Teesside would then be the most thriving, positive and energetic city in the whole world.

The names of some of those in the Tees Business poll are instantly recognised to any Teessider but it’s ironic that many Teessiders won’t have even have heard of Bill because he doesn’t broadcast his achievements.

You can read more about Bill’s award and the Tees Business poll by clicking here.

Andy Preston
Chairman, Teesside Philanthropic Foundation


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