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Mike Szwacki is a man on a mission – to brighten up the world of commercial vehicles. Michael McGeary reports…

Mike Szwacki’s Middlesbrough-based company MEK Wrap Squad specialises in using hi-tech vinyl to transform business fleets with both customised colours and eyecatching graphics.

“Nobody wants a white van any more,” says Szwacki. “Businesses want to stand out and be noticed.

“Company vehicles are no longer used only to travel or make deliveries. For many companies they are the ultimate business card and play a major role in the advertising strategy.

“That’s where we come in. Vehicle wrapping offers unlimited options to display your marketing message.

“Our industry has to be thankful to Sky TV for wrapping their vans over ten years ago. People started noticing that the designs changed every so often. Since then it’s really taken off.”

A number of leading companies on Teesside and beyond have already benefited from Szwacki’s world class skills, raising their profiles and often saving money in the process.

“Most transport companies lease their trucks over a period of time,” says Szwacki.

“It’s more cost-effective to wrap the fleet rather than purchase it in a specific colour.

“Vinyl will not only change the appearance of the vehicles, it will also protect the surface from scratches and other damage like stone chips. So when the lease expires, vinyl can be removed, revealing perfect paintwork.

“We cooperate with a number of car dealerships. Their clients have the option to customize the car beyond the standard offer by having any element of the car wrapped, for instance, a dechrome or a black roof.

“With MEK Wrap Squad you get a full service. We design the artwork, do the wrapping and then provide a post-wrapping service, so if there’s any damage and panels need replacing, we are here to help.”

Szwacki also works on high-end private cars. Recent projects have included a top-of-the-range Jaguar F-Type SVR, a Lamborghini and a McLaren.

“We’ve got more than 500 colours to choose from but if you can’t find anything you like we can provide a completely customised colour including chrome or matt finish,” he continues.

For those who want to protect the paintwork of their car without changing its colour, MEK also have an answer to that. Self-healing Paint Protection Film is the latest trend in vehicle wrapping.

“It is a transparent film resistant to deep scratches, stone chips, abrasion and UV rays,” Szwacki explains. “It also makes cleaning easier by preventing dirt and insects from sticking to the surface.”

Moving to a brand new workshop at Riverside Industrial Park has boosted Szwacki’s ambition, doubling the size of the space available.

“We need almost laboratory conditions, with specific temperatures, very good lighting and, most importantly, an extremely clean environment. Our new premises will be purposely designed to accommodate all these requirements.

“Being the UK’s only Arlon Fleet certified, 3M authorised wrapper, Avery Specialist installer and UK Sign Group vinyl technician obligates us to deliver the highest quality and an outstanding service to our customers.”

Szwacki was recently crowned best in Europe and third in the world in his craft at the Hexis Wrapping Battle in Germany, taking on competitors from as far afield as the USA and Japan, and he won’t rest until he wins the title.

To see more examples of Mike Szwacki’s work, search for MEK Wrap Squad on Facebook and Instagram.

For enquiries and quotations call 07824 862658 or email info@mekwrapsquad.com.


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