Pump specialist rolls out innovative bulk liquid storage solution

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Billingham-based pump specialist Tomlinson Hall is helping storage terminal operators prevent damage to their tank facilities, thanks to an innovative control system.

Tomlinson Hall, an award-winning approved global distributor of many leading pump brands, has introduced the DEPA Fluid Level Control, to its range.

When used in conjunction with an air operated double diaphragm pump (AODD), this product helps to remove rainwater from floating roof tanks before it builds into a heavy load and causes damage to the structure or contamination.

The DEPA Fluid Level Control – manufactured by CRANE ChemPharma and Energy – allows the AODD pump to operate autonomously, consuming air once a certain water level has been reached within the floating roof’s collecting basin which triggers the pump to operate.

The control can be installed beside or mounted to the pump, allowing an adequate hose installation for air supply, discharge and suction.

The DEPA Fluid Level Control, when used in combination with full cast stainless steel pumps, is certified for use in ATEX Zone 0 Environments and as it is designed in combination with 316L stainless steel, it delivers resistance to corrosive chemicals such as acids, alkalis and solvents, thus generating longer service life.

When draining water from floating roof tanks, AODD pumps don’t have to rely on gravity to remove water – instead they use sufficient pressure to drain and transfer the water, preventing pipes from clogging or overgrowing.

AODD pumps are suitable for high risk environments such as petrochemical tanks as they can operate without an electrical source and their light weight makes them suitable for use on floating roofs. In addition, the pumps are simple to install and are easily accessible, eliminating the need for a complete drainage system overhaul in order for maintenance to take place.

Colin Simpson, business development director at Tomlinson Hall, said: “The DEPA Fluid Level Control is a highly effective innovation from CRANE ChemPharma and Energy and we’re delighted to be able to offer this solution to customers here in the UK following many successful installations overseas.

“This is an efficient, easy to maintain alternative to conventional water drainage systems and will provide operators in the bulk liquid storage sector with a solution which will protect tank components and save on labour and costs.”

A joint-founding member of the Pump Distributors Association, Tomlinson Hall offers a total service to industry – including pump selection and supply, site visits, problem solving, servicing and repairs.

Founded on Teesside in 1919, Tomlinson Hall manufactures its own innovative liquid ring vacuum pump, Liquivac, which can perform operations across industries including seawater extraction, land remediation, chemical processing, food and drink processing and utilities.


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