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Renowned speaker Paul McGee – best known as The SUMO Guy – has joined forces with a Tees HR consultancy to launch an employee engagement system that promises to improve business performance and profitability by up to 20%.

Wilton Centre-based MBHR Consultancy is set to launch Thrive after developing an employee engagement model that was the brainchild of Paul, author of the best-selling book ‘SUMO – Shut Up Move On’.

Paul will be guest speaker at the Middlesbrough launch of a system Emma Barugh, managing director of MBHR Consultancy, believes can revolutionise employee engagement, especially for companies with more than 50 staff.

Emma went into partnership with Paul – an operator she describes as “a plain-speaking genius” – in April last year. They are now set to roll out a system designed to reduce staff sickness absence and employee turnover whilst increasing staff performance and company profitability.

Emma herself is looking to engage with business owners, HR specialists and operating chiefs across the North-East to tell them what Thrive can do for their business.

She said: “It’s a fact that people who are engaged work better, are more committed to their organisation and want to do better for their employer.

“Thrive provides an opportunity to improve the working environment for your people – which, in turn, will improve performance and profitability by up to 20%.

“Studies have shown that by increasing employee engagement, you can reduce sickness absence by up to 43%, employee turnover by up 87% and increase performance by up to 20%.

“Thrive is based on leading employee engagement studies that we’ve turned in plain English to allow those responsible for their organisation’s HR to boost performance, maximise potential and engage to achieve successful outcomes.”

Thrive allows organisations with more than a handful of people to see quickly and easily how those individual relationships combine at an organisational, directorate, function and/or team level.

This allows the leadership and management team to spot trends and patterns, and respond to these positively but most importantly proactively to improve the working relationships and environment.

Unlike other employee engagement systems, Thrive also factors in the six HSE stress management standards of Role, Relationships, Change, Demands, Support and Control, and has equal focus on employee health and wellbeing, which when neglected will undermine an employee’s ability and motivation to perform.

Thrive will provide the insights to drive proactive leadership and management actions and activities – “primary interventions” – that improve relationships, reduce stress and better engage your people.

Emma added: “Our launch event will be an introduction to the Thrive system and an opportunity to hear from the genius behind the model.

“Whilst the system works for employers with a minimum of 10 to 30 staff, we’re particularly keen to speak with those with 50 or more employees, and up to thousands.”

The Thrive launch, including cocktails, cake and canapes, takes place at Jury’s Inn, Middlesbrough, 6-8.30pm on Tuesday, December 5.

To book your place or ask for more details, email or call 0330 333 0356.


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