Able steps up investment at Seaton Port facility

The Able Group has further strengthened its position as a world-class leader in offshore recycling activities with a £6m investment at its Able Seaton Port facility on the River Tees.

A major recently completed upgrade and dredging programme means that it is able to offer almost unrivalled facilities for a range of activities, including marine decommissioning, offshore wind installations and handling large-scale project cargo.

This latest phase of the investment at Able Seaton Port has included extensive dredging works that, with a depth of -9.5m CD, will provide 24-hour sea access for the majority of vessels.

Able’s executive chairman Peter Stephenson said the company was committed to continued investment in facilities at Able Seaton Port to ensure that it remained at the forefront of the growing offshore decommissioning industry, as well as exploiting other developing sectors.

“We have always taken a longer-term view in respect of our investments and these latest works will assist us to continue and deliver an even wider range of projects on time and on budget,” he said.

“The group is committed to meeting new challenges and embracing new opportunities and the increased depths at Able Seaton Port will mean that we can now accommodate some of the largest vessels operating across a range of different business sectors.

“We are proud of our success in competing in an international market place and we aim to continue leading the way in bringing jobs and investment to our region.”

Able won the contract for the decommissioning the 24,000 tonnes Brent Delta which was moved in the biggest single lift in history from off the Shetland Isles to Able Seaton Port in May this year.

Decommissioning work will be completed in the summer of next year, after which the next two platform topsides from the Brent field, are expected in 2019 and 2020.

Mr Stephenson added: “The very fact that we were successful in being awarded the contract from Shell for the largest ever single lift load in on the newly constructed Quay 6 demonstrates the capabilities of ASP and the company in this growing market.

“There will be more to come and we are also confident of winning new work linked to the renewable energy sector.”


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