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Mark Easby, managing director of Middlesbrough-based Better Brand Agency, with some advice on how to help your brand deliver…

Your brand sits right at the heart of your business and is inherently linked to business growth. Often we meet clients who are so busy building a business that their brand gets left behind.

Events like new ownership, new leadership and new directions can create the need to reposition, revitalise or simply clarify their brand. Even without major changes at the top, companies, much like people, can change over time. They can outgrow their existing brand, change their purpose, or just feel the need for their company to move with the times.

If you are considering developing your brand, we believe the process begins with getting to the very heart and soul of your company, your reason for being, your why.

Of course, it’s about what you do and how you do it, but to really get buy-in people need to know your purpose, cause, beliefs and what really makes you different.

This in turn, breathes life into your company values, which should act as a GPS for your decisions and behaviours. Your values feed into your brand story and character, and inform not only what you say but how you say it.

All of this should happen before anyone starts thinking about logos, colours, typography, and image style.

And you guessed it, every element you put out into the world should be influenced by the brand thinking at the core of the process. Why? Because your ‘why’ is the heart of your business and should be the heart of your brand, so before you invest in a glossy new website or marketing campaign take some time to consider your brand’s visual and verbal messaging.

Getting this right will mean you’re building a key asset to support your business growth and lead to higher impact and ROI on your marketing budget.

Mark Easby
Better Brand Agency


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