When ‘For Sale’ isn’t enough

Hartburn-based Adore Properties MD, Jeremy O’Connor, examines why, when it comes to selling properties, one size definitely does not fit all…

Homeowners invest so much into their property to make it special and unique. Yet, when it comes to selling, they can often be faced with the same, drab, ‘tried and tested’ approach of dull images and basic information.

If your property is struggling to stand out from the crowd, take a look at these top tips to add that extra special touch.


A picture may be worth a thousand words, but a good picture can be the difference between sold and re-listed. Banish the photos that seem to have a sole focus on showing the dimensions of a room, with spaces left as bare as possible to ‘spark the creative imagination’ of potential buyers.

Instead, don’t be afraid to take a different approach and encourage photos that are styled and dressed; images that show a lifestyle, displaying your home to its full potential.

Use your words

Following on from photos, descriptions of homes need to step up their game; moving beyond the basics of room sizes, ‘ideal for a couple / family / first-time homeowner’ and an energy certificate.

Instead how about talking of the stunning views, tight-knit local community, cosy afternoons cuddled up by the stunning wood stove or afternoons of family fun and barbeques in the big garden?

Perfect placement

Of course, listings online are only a small part of the overall selling process. From Facebook to magazine ads to open houses, there are a hybrid of advertising options available, but do ensure that any marketing material accounts for the points made above guaranteeing maximum effectiveness.

There you have it, when it comes to making your listing stand out from the crowd, find an agent that looks beyond the bricks and mortar and sells the dream!

Jeremy O’Connor
Adore Properties


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