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Getting a new car can be a confusing and exasperating business. Buy or lease? Petrol or diesel? Manual or automatic? And that’s without even considering the make, model, size, colour and budget.

That’s where the experts at Bespoke Motor Works come in.

Along with their small, dedicated team, directors Daniel King and Russell Jackson boast more than 40 years’ experience in the prestige motor sector.

And, unlike most dealers, they aren’t wedded to any particular make.

Based at Preston Park in Stockton, Bespoke specialise in Audi, BMW, Mercedes, Volkswagen, Land Rover, Porsche and Jaguar – but they pride themselves on being able to find any make and model that best suits their customers’ needs.

The Bespoke team has expert knowledge on every motor, so their customers don’t have to. If car buyers come in unsure of what motor to plump for, Bespoke will take the time to understand their requirements and advise them accordingly.

“We completely understand that many people are in a quandary about what car to get,” says Daniel. “We like to talk face-to-face with our customers because our job is to get an understanding of their preferences, requirements and budget, then put the time in to find them a perfect fit.”

Although focused primarily on the prestige sector, Bespoke sell and finance both new and pre-owned cars of all makes and models.

“If a customer sets us a budget, whether it be for purchase or monthly payment, we’ll source the best car for them – or we’ll give them a shortlist of potentials.

“We can suggest makes and models that they might not have thought about, tailor the finance package to suit their budget and advise on the best deals, as we get daily updates in terms of deals and availability of stock.

“Most importantly, we’ll only sell a car if the customer is 100% happy with the car and the deal.”

When Tees Life co-editor Dave Allan asked Bespoke to advise him on a new car, they helped guide him through the wide range of options that had left him bemused and confused.

Dave knew he wanted to change after several years driving a SUV but had no idea what to lease next. However, Bespoke quickly got an understanding of his requirements, budget and annual mileage, helping him to narrow down his options to a BMW 4 Series Gran Coupe or an Audi A6.

“They helped me to cut through the fog of makes, models and prices to find the perfect car for me,” said Dave. “They took out all the stress and made it feel very easy.”

Daniel added: “The Gran Coupe ticked a lot of boxes for Dave – great build quality and specification, fantastic reliability, low running costs and tax, and we found a great deal on the car too.

“We understand the choice of a new car is an important decision for customers, but we have built our reputation on the back of a huge amount of repeat custom, with many clients recommending us to family, friends and colleagues.”

While Bespoke can find any car on the market, they always have an extensive range of new and used cars in stock, while they supply an increasing number of local companies, from office staff to directors.

• Pictured (above): Daniel King and Matthew Jevons of Bespoke Motor Works with a BMW 420 Diesel Coupe M Sport, which is a two-door variant of the Gran Coupe they found for Tees Life editor Dave Allan.


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