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Tees Business co-editor Martin Walker reveals new expansion plans for the Tees region’s quarterly business magazine…

The Spring 2018 issue of Tees Business is here, with even more pages, more stories and more positivity about more businesses – and 1,000 more copies too!

Our decision three years ago to launch a publication dedicated to covering the Tees business scene was, at the time, considered somewhat of a gamble.

We created Tees Business despite being warned that the print industry was in a downward spiral, and that we should concentrate on digital.

A strong online presence was always going to be important, which is why we also launched the only website dedicated to Tees business news, and the region’s only weekly business e-newsletter, sent to a growing B2B database of 1,200 subscribers.

But my business partner Dave Allan and I were confident there remained a big gap in the market for a high-quality magazine dedicated to the niche Tees business sector. Quite simply, no one else was covering it, North-East magazines were focused on Tyneside and our local businesses were getting a bum deal.

Now, after three years of Talking Up Teesside, we’re already 13 issues in, with each and every edition relentlessly banging the drum for Teesside businesses, large and small.

So far we’ve publicised well over 1,000 Tees companies of all shapes and sizes, because we believe it’s vital to be inclusive, not exclusive.

To coin a well-known slogan, we’re for the many, not the few. In our latest issue alone you’ll see mention of no fewer than 180 local businesses.

Each issue of Tees Business is mailed directly to hundreds of businesses and individuals across the Tees region, from the influential movers and shakers, to small businesses we believe will enjoy and value an insight into the local business scene.

It goes to all our local authorities, including Tees Valley Combined Authority, and we also send every copy to all Teesside MPs at Westminster, as well as Tees Valley mayor Ben Houchen.

And we circulate copies to all corners of the Teesside business community, including business hubs, conference centres, hotels and restaurants, with circulation due to start on Monday.

Now, we’re delighted to say we’ve increased our circulation from 5,000 to 6,000 to allow us to expand further into Darlington.

So at 76 pages per copy, that’s 456,000 pages of #TalkingUpTeesside!

We’re a small team but we’re a local business that wants to celebrate the successes of our fellow Tees businesses, and we’re passionate about supporting the amazing local business scene.

Click here to read the Spring 2018 issue of Tees Business.

Martin Walker
Co-editor, Tees Business


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