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Tees Business talks to Jo Davies about her unconventional new business, HR Alchemy…

Jo Davies started her first Saturday job at just 15-years-old. Following her studies at university, she pursued a successful career in the world of HR – including active roles as HR Manager and HR Director in the steel industry.
Since then, she’s made waves in the industry by setting up her own company, HR Alchemy. Her broad experience in various roles and sectors has proved to be key to setting up her own business, and she is now celebrating a move into central Middlesbrough.

Finding a niche

My decision to launch HR Alchemy was driven by a gap in the market for a unique generation of HR companies.
Unlike many other businesses offering HR services, which are stereotypically quite traditional and ‘ordinary’, HR Alchemy is modern and unconventional.
Our brand values and personality are quite eclectic, which can be seen immediately from our neon branding! We like to look at things differently and put a spin on Human Resources.
When I was looking into building my own brand and starting up HR Alchemy, I noticed too many businesses thought HR was solely about managing procedures and process, rather than it being about the people – not enough common sense and sound judgement was being used.
I’m a firm believer that HR has to be flexible and responsive to business needs, and to be honest, if you’ve only learned HR from a textbook, you’ll get a very bland client experience.
I like to challenge clients’ thoughts and give them a different perspective of HR – something that they might not have come across before, but in the long term it will get them the results they want to achieve.

Bold and unconventional

HR can be intense, and as a team we understand that no two businesses are ever the same, which is why HR Alchemy offers a range of services and bespoke solutions to meet the needs and budgets of almost every company.
Whether someone is just getting started with a new business venture and they need some advice on how to approach HR or they may have a more established brand and are looking to grow the team, we want to be the first port of call to help these companies out.
We pride our brand on being flexible, but most of all, we don’t want to be just another HR company trying to keep up with the competition – our aim is to be able to revolutionise a brand’s performance through creative ideas, devising unique and effective HR solutions for any team.
We also put huge emphasis on the personal touch that we can offer. We’re not just people behind computer screens – we work in partnership with business owners, managing directors and existing HR teams to discover the best approach for a business, transforming the way that they deal with staff.

My motivation

I’m very grateful for the opportunities I have been given in life – it’s these opportunities that have led me to where I am today and that are providing the foundation of my career experiences, ultimately allowing me to set up HR Alchemy.
My family is my biggest inspiration and motivation to succeed in everything that I do, especially my dad who is currently fighting cancer. I think if he can get up and face the day, then why do I spend time worrying and whining about the small things in life?

Teesside will always be home

We have set up our first office in the beautiful Commerce House in central Middlesbrough, which is a fantastic location for our clients and staff, so it’s a really exciting time for us.
I’ve always lived and worked in the North East and Teesside and I love the creative buzz of the area.
There’s so many amazing businesses here that sometimes go unnoticed. The Boho Zone and surrounding areas really are a hub of success and the support for start-up businesses like myself is second-to-none.
As a team, we’re part of numerous local business organisations including Tees Valley Business Club and a member of BNI.

The future of HR Alchemy

The HR industry is fiercely competitive, but we’re keen to make our mark.
We worked with local companies to establish our bold brand and we’re currently underway with a targeted sales campaign across the region to attract new clients.
My plan is to ensure that as the business expands, we will invest in local recruitment and the learning and development of the team to ensure that client’s demands are constantly met.
We will also continue to build on our service offering and invest in the business through training and research and development, in order to achieve success for our clients.

HR Alchemy
Commerce House, 1 Exchange Square, Middlesbrough TS1 1DE
03338 802810


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