Huge opportunity for firms to access digital talent

Joanna Wake, managing director of Stockton-based RAW Digital Training, talks about some initiatives she’s heading up to plug a skills shortage in the IT and digital sector…

There’s a massive increase in jobs being created in these sectors in the North-East – they’re growing at twice the rate as any other sector – but the trouble is some businesses are struggling to fill the vacancies.

At the moment we’re seeing a huge scramble for high-level website developers, but right across the board in our industry we’re seeing shortfalls.

We’ve been working very hard on a new programme, called the RAW Digital Talent Programme.

This programme enables us to help businesses fill their talent pipeline, by bringing in people who will stay with the company and be nurtured, and ultimately bridge that gap.

They’re short, intensive programmes aimed at 16-24-year-old unemployed people trying to pursue a career in the industry.

More than 100 learners have already accessed expert training from industry leaders in the fields of games development, cyber security, website creation, digital marketing and search engine optimisation as part of the programme.

Now many of them are ready to be placed into firms looking to recruit digital staff – and we have lots of success stories already.

Tees-based businesses can now start looking at recruiting these learners and benefit from the new skills and talent in their workforce.

It’s an ideal free service for businesses, whether you are a non-digital company looking for your first social media marketing apprentice, or you’re a massively digital company looking to build your internal talent pipeline.

We have every level of candidate available – from entry-level people, apprentices and college learners.

For smaller firms it may be that they’re looking to take someone on in this type of role for the first time – we can accommodate short-term contracts or even one-off projects over a short period of time, which can give employers a chance to see how it can work for them.

We can support businesses and pair them up with apprentice providers and we make it very easy and straight-forward.

Businesses only need to get in touch and we’ll talk them through it – or click here to find out more.

Joanna Wake
RAW Digital Training


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